10 Things To Pack For Your Perfect Picnic

By | June 27, 2018

You have the food, your friends are ready and you’ve already fixed the location. At this point, the only thing you need is a perfectly planned picnic basket. But with hundreds of things to consider, what should you actually include? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll find out in the next section.

Water Bottles

The primary rule for outdoor picnics is to keep your hot foods, hot enough, and the cold stuffs, perfectly cool. While ice packs do most of the job, you can also carry frozen water bottles for some double-action. Also, once the ice melts down, you’ll have cool water for everyone.

10 Things To Pack For Your Perfect Picnic


Heading outdoors offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the warm summer breeze and picturesque views. But these very outdoor sessions can also take a toll on your skin. And this is exactly why you need to carry a sunscreen. This ointment will reduce the harmful impact of the sun, and let you enjoy your picnic more comfortably.

Picnic Tables

While you can’t really pack this in your bag, picnic tables are an absolute necessity for your comfy-time with friends. You can set your meals on them, keep your stuff and eat more comfortably. Most of these tables are lightweight and can be folded, so carrying them won’t be a hassle either.

Wet Wipes

A set of wet wipes doesn’t just keep your hands clean, but they also help you clean up the sticky spills when there’s no proper source of water nearby. You can also use these wipes to clean your face and stay fresh all way round.


Whether you’re eating on the ground or using a picnic table, a good tray will prevent the inadvertent spillage of food and drinks. While choosing these trays, try settling for a plastic or enamel one since they’re both lightweight and durable.

Bug Spray

A sunny day outside can also invite some pesky bugs. So when you have a bug spray at hand, you can easily keep these insects at bay. While choosing these sprays, try to go for the ones with eucalyptus oil since they tend to last longer than the other variants.


Your picnic will be a total mess if you don’t have the right cutlery. So while packing your stuff, don’t forget to keep big serving spoons, small spoons and a folding knife. While the spoons will make serving easier, the knife will help you cut meats and cheese more comfortably.


Blankets are an important addition even when you’re carrying a picnic table. These blankets make your seating arrangements way more comfortable. On top of that, they also give you the much needed space to stretch out after a big meal.

Trash Bags

If you’re looking to have your picnic in a sustainable way, you can’t miss out on the trash bags at any cost. These big bags let you stuff your trash after you’re done with the picnic. Likewise, they also save you the hassle of walking back and forth to discard your trash.

First Aid Kit

Whether you’re heading for a hiking adventure in the woods, or planning a small picnic in a park- a first-aid kit is an absolute necessity. Keep basic stuff like bandages, aspirin and medicines for stomach ache to ensure complete safety on your eventful day.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your destination, don’t forget to pack these 10 items for an amazing picnic with your loved ones.