3 Tips to Add More Storage Area in Your Garage

By | March 15, 2018

It’s nice to have clear and uncluttered space. But clutter has to be put anywhere, and most of the times Garage takes the fall. Accept it or not, we use the garage to store much more than our vehicles. Therefore, we are suggesting you a few tips to organize the stuff in your garage better.

Vertical Shelves

It’s important to add more storing area in your Garage. See if your garage have shelves, or do you need to build them. Set them up if needed, try industrial grade shelving to assure they last long.  You need something strong to make sure the boxes are held up without any issue.


No one wants a jut in middle of their garage, especially if they have a busy routine. So add more space, but make sure it stays strong with high end materials. You can do it yourself easily, no need to call Garage Door Repair Services Calabasas for this.

Storage Boxes

Uniform boxes are one of the biggest secrets of organized storage. Having uniformly sized boxes doesn’t force you to play a Tetris game with your stuff. You can easily store and arrange things. Just make sure you label boxes on both sides to learn what’s inside them without disrupting the whole thing.

Put Floor Space to Good Use

If you tried to pull into your garage and was overwhelmed by the crowded space, you definitely need to change things.  Start with marking a car zone which should always be clear for your car, Use a masking tape to mark the zone.

Once you designated the area for your car, you need to mark other zones to store stuff. For instance, you can dedicate an area for sleds, winder gear, and keep a work zone are which should be kept clear at any cost. No need to pay Professional Garage Door Repair companies for this.