4 DIY Décor Hacks To Enlighten Your Living Space

By | September 24, 2016

Looking for some DIY Décor hacks to enlighten your living space? We have a few do it yourself tricks that won’t fail to impress. DIY home décor gives you a lot of freedom and doesn’t cost much while it creates an intriguing effect. If you want to add a whole new dimension to your environment, consider the following hacks!

Be Artistic

The cheapest DIY Décor hack you will ever find! Grab your sharpie and a ruler. Now add custom graphics to your pillows. Take out the inserts and arms of sofa. Protect the area where you don’t want the ink to slip in to and draw some elaborate designs on the given space. If done right, this can light up the living space.

Utilizing the Storage Space

For this home décor hack, you will have to take the door off a cabinet (better make it freestanding). Now paint the insides and add an elegant picture there. Pick up some random objects (mostly glass bottles with elaborate shapes). Everything you put there should have a meaning. Make sure the accents, theme and color of cabinet, paint and objects go well with each other. This will create a rather interesting décor.

The Glided Chamber

Is your bedroom the size of closet? In case it is, you can flank your bed with some pretty interesting ideas. These will offer storage. Just drill some holes on each side for wires. Carefully mottle the metal around so it becomes light.

Table and Mirror

You can create a pretty unique décor if you just place a tiny table up against a giant mirror. You can spice up the DIY Décor if you just add some flowers for focal point. Make sure the table, stool (or chairs) match with each other, and walls. You need to be carefully to pull of this whole thing.

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