4 Roofing DIY Tips to ensure a Waterproof Roof in Winter

By | March 17, 2017

When it comes to the winter season, roof repair is one of the important things to be done to ensure you will stay safe during the season ahead. We need to make sure our home is waterproof, windproof and rainfalls. Here are following DIY roofing tips that you must check before the winter season starts.

Leaking gutters

Check the leaking gutters and fix the damages with aluminum tape or use any suitable waterproof product. For such little damage repair, you can get all things from your local hardware store that fix your leaked gutters with ease.

Drainage problems

According to Vertec Roof Repairs Sydney, cleaning your gutters before winter is one of the smartest pieces of preventative maintenance that you can do for your roof. Having a poorly installed or clogged drainage system can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of unnecessary, preventable damage to your home. If your gutter is sagging, it isn’t functioning properly, and it needs to be replaced or repaired before it can cause any more damage to your roof.

Check chimneys

Loose irregular, damaged sandstone, and loose elements can create a problem during the rain and let the water come in the house. Your annual home maintenance must include this check. Check your chimneys and ensure everything is okay. Replace the loose flashing, damaged mortar, and loose bricks. These are small but imperative tasks that keep you safe from damages and save your money as well.

Tin or IBR roof

A tin or IBR roof can be inspected for signs of oxidation or expected leaks throughout flashings and mounting screws. Put the membrane or waterproofing paint or use any product that will at the damaged areas and have a waterproof roof. These mentioned products are available at your local hardware store; you just need to go there and discuss the issue they will suggest you the best product to use as per your needs.