5 Life Saving Electrical Tips Electrical Safety Tips

By | February 26, 2017

Your life is important, and you must care it not matter even if you are at home. We all have electrical appliances at home that are useful to make our life easier, on the other hands the same appliances can become harmful and put your life at risk when you use them with less care. Here are a few electrical safety tips that will make sure the safe use of your home appliances.

  1. Never plug a group of stuff in one extension: it can be harmful to your electrical system, that may cause fire and serious damages of your electronics appliances.
  2. Keep electrical cords neat and tidy: there’s always a danger for electrical cables from pets and children. Pets usually have more chances to chew your wires, so keep them away from dogs or cats.
  3. Never pull an electrical cord from the wall: pulling a cord can damage the appliance can harm your electrical appliances switches, and cause losses in the wires.
  4. Keep the kit away from power: the string and kit have more chances to conduct electricity, transfer it right over you to the ground.
  5. Use put safety cap on your electrical outlets: Cover all opened electrical outlets that help you save energy by discontinuing cold drafts.

Here are some extra tips you must follow:

  • Never allow your children to play around the electrical appliances.
  • Replace the tools that put off mild electrical shockwaves.
  • Change the switches that create tendency to flicker.
  • Never use a switch that got hot after some time of turning it on.
  • Do not use three-pong plug in two-sockets forcefully.
  • Check the fuse box and locate its place to properly operate them.
  • Ask your electrical expert for the certification and their experience, before getting their services.
  • Never put water on the electrical fire, instead use the dry fire extinguisher to overcome on such fire.