6 Quick Landscaping & Gardening Tips

By | November 9, 2016

Need some handy garden design tips? Well, you have come to the right place. We are giving you a few shortcuts to make the spring gardening a pleasure.  Following are a few quick tips that will extend the life of your plants, cut off your effort and help you to improve your garden.

  • Remove salt deposits that accumulate the clay pots. You need to mix vinegar, alcohol and water in a spray bottle and apply it on the deposit. Scrub it with a brush. Once you are done cleaning, you will need to let the pot dry before you plant anything in it
  • When it comes to garden maintenance, you need to watch out for yourself. Clean dirt under your nails while you are working on a landscaping & gardening Dray your fingernails across soap and seal the underside of your nail to prevent dirt from entering. Once you are finished, you need to use a nail brush and remove the soap
  • Prevent the line on string trimmer from breaking by spraying vegetable oil before you install a trimmer
  • Want some time saving garden design tips? Try to improve the whole layout with an easily available measuring tool. You need to use a long handled tool if you want to measure the stick. You have to lay it on the ground and put a measuring tape next to it. Use a marker and note each inch down. When you need to space plants accordingly, you have the measuring took right in your hands.
  • Little Clay ports are very useful when it comes to garden maintenance. Use these cloches to protect young plants from frost and freezes
  • When you are working on landscaping & gardening, create natural markers. Write the plant names on stones or planks and place them near the base of your plant