Benefits of Installing Retractable Screen Doors and Windows

By | August 7, 2019

Retractable screens are the best choice to put a screen on any door or window in your home.  They offer numerous benefits over traditional sliding or swinging screen doors. What sets them apart from the rest is their ability to retract into the housing. You don’t need to walk through any extra door when you enter or leave your dwelling.

Retractable screens are a great option that adds both value and convenience to your home. Following are the key benefits of installing retractable screen doors and windows:

retractable screens

Fresh Air

A retractable screen door or window does a great job letting in fresh air and providing you with a natural indoor ambiance. Retractable screens can be added to any door or window in your home. However, they work best on doors and windows that provide outdoor view. 


Unlike traditional screen doors that can restrict your movement, retractable screen doors are convenient and versatile. With a one simple touch of button, the screen automatically gets retracted into its housing, providing you with a clear way when making transitions in and out your home. These screens stay protected from the extremes of weather, due to their ability to retract. 

Easy to Install

It takes only half an hour for a retractable screen door to be fully installed. Since they come ready to install, homeowners can install them on their own without availing any carpenter services. You don’t need to go through any complex process to install retractable screens. 

Offer a Stunning Outdoor View

Retractable screen doors and windows provide you with a clear outdoor view you can’t get with traditional screen doors. Retractable screens go a long way toward adding both style and comfort to your home.  

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