How To Choose The Best Roofing Nailer?

By | September 4, 2018

When it comes to buying your very first nailing gun, there are quite a few features that you need to consider. Whether it’s the nailing speed, the weight, the balance or even the price- you’ll have to consider every single aspect to finally ensure that your chosen product is worth a shot. But in case you’re just getting started and are absolutely clueless about making your pick, here’s a complete walkthrough that’ll give you a detailed insight on the features of the best roofing nailer.


Nailing speed is the total number times that your nailing gun can fire and reload in a second. While this information is usually provided by some manufacturers, as an average buyer, it is pretty difficult for you to gauge it. But even then, while looking for a nail gun, try to settle for a speed which is at least between 350 and 420 m/s.

Jam Clearing Capacity

Since roofing nailers tend to jam quite easily, it is really important to look out for a gun that comes with an in-built jam clearing system. This will not merely make it easier for you to maintain the gun, but it will also simplify the entire process of un-jamming.

Weight and overall balance

A nail gun that has a proper balance in your hand will also have a good distribution of weight. Additionally, the gun is also going to feel lighter than its actual weight. For instance, if you’re using a roofing nailer which is around 5 lbs and comes with more weight along the nose/frontal part, the entire operation will seem heavy and grueling. Alternatively, if you used a nailer of 5.5 lbs with evenly distributed weight, using and operating the tool would be simpler. The even distribution of weight ensures that your wrist doesn’t go through any additional strain. So while choosing a roofing nailer, always consider its weight as well as the distribution of weight.

Nail size adjustment

This is yet another important determinant of a good quality roofing nailer. If your nail gun uses different sizes of nails, it will be extremely handy for different roofing operations. With this feature, you’d no longer have to buy different nails for different roofing projects. Additionally, it’ll also save your time, money and space.

P.S- While choosing your roofing nailer; also make sure that it comes with a proper carrying case. This will make it easier for you to carry the thing around everywhere you move.


Depth of drive

Almost every leading roofing nailer comes with pre-defined mechanisms that let you customize the depth of drive. This feature is particularly viable when many workers are using one compressor because it makes it easier to over or under drive the nails. Most of these nailers can be operated with a simple turn of your thumb.

Directional Exhaust

This feature will ensure that you get to channel the nailer’s exhaust completely away from your face or body. Just like the depth of drive feature, certain nailers come with a directional exhaust feature that needs to be customized with an additional tool, while the others don’t need this added support.


Quite a few models of roofing nailers come with a feature that lets two separately hinged parts open at the same time. Since these hinged parts are used for loading nails, this indeed is an excellent feature.  I particularly vouch by this feature as it simplifies the entire process of operating the tool. Also, since these roofing guns have relatively lesser parts to work with, they take lesser loading time.

Bottom Line

Once you’ve considered these features, choosing the best roofing nailer becomes way simpler than you had ever imagined!