Cleaning Tips to Make Your Everyday Life Easier

By | April 11, 2018

No matter what people say, keeping your house clean is a full-time job. Just when you think it’s finished, you find a few new dust bunnies have taken up residence under the couch.

Here’s how to stay on top of the mess whether you’re a full-time homemaker or a professional who’s in the office all day.

Laundry Every Day

A small family can build up piles of laundry during the week. Everything from dirty clothes to towels needs to be washed. To save time, do a load of laundry every day rather than the end of the week, so you’re not overburdened on the weekend.

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Wipe Your Bathroom Every Day

A quick wipe down of your bathroom every day keeps grime, mildew, and germs to a minimum. Just a few minutes a day will save you hours in the long run. This also helps keep your bathroom embarrassment free for house guests.

Use Pick-Up Bins

Place pick up bins on the stairs, in the hall, or any place you’ll see them before going to bed. The idea is to toss any dirty clothes, toys, and other clutter in the bins, which makes it easier to put everything in their proper place later. Make it a game, and get the kids and spouse involved.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming, like most household chores, is one that people put off until the mess is too big. By running a vacuum quickly everyday or every other day on your highest-traffic floors, you’ll be able to keep them clean, and the work will be done faster since dirt has little chance to build up.

Kitchen Duty

It’s tough to come home after a hard day’s work only to have to prepare a meal. And, the day can seem even longer if you have a ton of clean up after dinner. The secret is to clean as you go to keep the after-dinner work to a minimum. Rinse bowls, and clean off knives and other utensils as you cook. If you’ve got kids, get them involved to help.

Make Your Bed

A made bed makes you feel better, especially when you come home after work. Making your bed every day helps you start out positive, and makes you motivated to keep things clean throughout the day too.

Get Rid of Clutter

As homeowners, it’s tough to resist getting those new throw pillows or soap baskets when we see them on sale. But you need to ask yourself whether this stuff serves a purpose or just clutters up your home. Take a look at the rooms where you spend the most time and see if you need those stacks of magazines on the table or if the dog needs that many toys. This stuff can make your house look cluttered and can be a headache to clean up every day.

Empty Trash Frequently

No one likes to see the trash begin to “creep” out of the bin. If you empty your trash everyday or every other day, you can prevent spills and keep your home looking neater.

Also you might need to look for a trash removal service near you.