Combine Your Building Ink with Your Company Brand

By | June 29, 2019

The facade of your building is one of the first impressions a customer will see of your business. You have often been told not to judge a book by its cover, but in reality it happens all the time for business! That is what commercial painting services offer.

Food chains and popular stores have already perfected the appearance of their façades, making them remarkable and memorable.

painter man at work with a roller, bucket and ladder

What you may not realize is that building ink and color has a lot to do with branding and the perception of the company. For restaurants, the yellow in the red design corresponds to appetite and happiness. Other bright colors, such as bright orange, show emotion and creativity. Colors send subliminal messages to potential and existing clients, and you’ll want to send the right message to the building and the color of your painting.

The key to a good choice of colors is to understand the point of sale of your company. A company that is dealing with environmentally friendly products would have a better response with green than with orange or purple. On the other hand, black can be elegant, making it a good choice to give a luxurious feel. Even silver can be contrasted and incorporated with black for similar connotations of graceful style.

The choice of colors is a major influence for brands and, more importantly, for consumers. For example, blue is the preferred color for men and women. Buildings can use blue to induce a sense of calm and security in their users or to enhance their reliability. If these are the ideals of your business, then incorporating the blue in the color of your building paint can give you a boost in the customers.

We strive to help you find the perfect paint color choices that fit you and your building.