Discover The Best Types Of Roof Tiles For The Shed

By | August 31, 2021

The task of choosing the type of roof for a space must always take into account the characteristics of the place. In the case of sheds — places of great extension, used as warehouses or for activities that demand space — the first thing to be taken into account is the cost of covering the entire area with a material that suits it and is not so expensive.

Now let’s get to know the tile options available on the market for this type of construction. They can vary in the composition of their materials and also in the format needed for application in large spaces. Let’s start?

Discover The Best Types Of Roof Tiles For The Shed

Metal tiles

This material offers greater strength, durability and is easy to install. These tiles are ideal for sheds, especially if the structure is also metallic or precast concrete. They also provide different types of curvature, offering lower or steeper roofs. 

Concrete tiles

They can be made from organic paper fiber or fiberglass impregnated with asphalt and mineral granules. It is a relatively cheap tile, but too heavy for sheds. It requires little maintenance, but it doesn’t last very long. Because of this, it is one of the last options when it comes to covering large spaces.

Fiber cement tiles

They are made of synthetic fibers and cement, and arrived on the market to replace the old asbestos tiles, which posed a danger to human health. They are light and cheap when compared to other existing models, but they absorb a lot of heat and leave the environment warm. 

Corrugated tiles

Here is the curved model often used in sports courts, for example. Its architecture requires that its roof have a different finish, and the tiles with waves are the most suitable for achieving this effect. Multi-ply tiles — curved and made from galvanized steel— are great roofing options.

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