DIY Home Safety and Security Tips that costs you Less

By | November 22, 2016

We all have homes, and its safety and security are the most significate needs for everyone. There are many simple ways that you can use for you adopt to ensure your home’s security, without spending money on expensive security systems. Here are a few ways that help you to and your family safe, many of the things mentioned below would cost you nothing or very less:

Get a Dog

If you can buy a dog, it will be great to have it at home. However, if you are the one who don’t like dogs you can set up an alarm system that sounds like a barking dog. You can create fake barking when some burglars came to your house, that will be confusing for them, and they will go back without any damages.

Buy Light Timers

Keep your outdoor and indoor lights on; it gives an indication to the burglars that you are at home. Such timers are available at affordable price, and they will have turned on at your settled time every evening. The timer will keep your lights on and off every morning and evening.

Motion Sensors Are Essential

Motion sensors are very expensive but a handy device to install in every home for better safety. Many sensor systems are available for very low monthly fees that you can install yourself and save a lot of money that professionals required.

Install a Peephole

Whenever you install a door, must have a peephole installed in it. Must do a check before opening, you must know who is at your doorstep. It doesn’t require much time to install but can play a vital role in your home’s security without spending more money.

Build a Hiding Place for Valuables

Never put your precious in the hands of robbers, you must have a hidden place to put your jewelry, cash and other valuables. The burglars are getting smart they know the secret places of wardrobe, freezer and under the mattress and can do a check of those locations. You need to find something different that never hits a robber’s mind.