How Do You Fix A Faucet That Won’t Turn On?

By | January 11, 2022

When the faucet of one room doesn’t turn on, test a faucet in a different room. If the faucet of that room won’t turn on either, or you notice that no other tap turns on, then there may be a system-wide issue with the water supply. 

If the faucet of only one room is affected, then there could be a problem in only that particular fixture. So how do you fix a faucet that won’t turn on? Here is a guide for you. is the platform in Greenville which is serving with its amazing faucet fixation and repairing services. 

Fix A Faucet That Won't Turn On

The first thing to Check:

When a specific fixture, like a kitchen or bathroom faucet, won’t turn on, first of all, check the shutoff valves beneath the sink. Ensure that both valves are turned on in a counterclockwise direction as far as they can go.

Next to do:

If shutoff valves are also turned on, check the faucet’s aerator because when it gets jammed with scale, the water can’t flow. The aerators can sometimes be unscrewed with the fingers, but if there are a lot of scales stuck into them, you will need flexible pliers. Turn on the faucet once it’s off. If water flows, soak the aerator in vinegar overnight to clean it.  

The faucet could be jammed due to scale:

Inside the faucet, there could be a mass of scale, but it’s unusual for the deposits to block water entirely; usually, a tiny bit can get across. Turn off the shutoffs to check the valves, remove the handles of the faucet, unscrew the valve and remove them. If they are jammed with scales, you may need a valve puller to pull them out to clean them properly on vinegar.

Check for the following issues:

If still there is a problem of water shortage you can check the following. 

If your water supply is municipal, ask your neighbors. If they also are facing the same issue, call the water company to ask if they have shut off the water. If the water supply is on a well, look for well and pressure pumps. The issue could be as simple as a blown breaker.