How Much Should You Spend On A Grease Gun

By | June 26, 2018

Grease guns can be very useful in your workshop or garage, especially if you are that type of handyman that likes to take care of different projects around the house. The grease gun will help you lubricate different tools or pieces that you are working on. This process can ease your job in more than one way. But, while needing a grease gun can become obvious, you will also need to decide what budget to invest in one.

The market offers a variety of products but when it comes to choosing the best grease gun, you might not need to choose the most expensive one as well. You will find really pricey ones that go over one thousand dollars range but you will also find grease guns for less than 50 dollars.

How Much Should You Spend On A Grease Gun

The difference between expensive grease guns and budget friendly ones

As you will easily see, the price grease guns go from several hundreds of dollars to over one thousand dollars. But you might not need to invest that much to get your job done. Here is the main benefits that an expensive grease gun has to bring and what is the difference between that and a more affordable similar tool.

  • You pay for the brand. More often than not, you will not just pay for the grease gun itself but also for the reputation of the manufacturer. While you want a product made by a trusted manufacturer, you don’t need to choose the most expensive on the market. There are plenty of brands that create tools such as grease guns and are not so pricey.
  • Some of the most expensive grease guns come with extra features such as a light function. This sounds useful and it actually is, especially if you need to work in the dark on your car, tractor or truck. But if that is not a must for you, consider looking at cheaper products that might not come with a light feature included. You will realize soon enough that, as convenient as having such a feature seems, it might not be worth it the additional price you pay for it.
  • The life of the battery. This is an important aspect to consider. If you are planning to use your grease gun often and for long periods of time at once, you know that the life of the battery is important. Grease guns that are more expensive tend to last longer when fully charged than the rest of them. So, if you might find it easier to compromise on other features, this one is actually a function that should be highly taken into account. But if you are planning to use your grease fun only sporadically, you definitely don’t need to worry about a long battery life.

While buying a grease gun might not be the easiest task for beginners in the matter, it is not a very complicated one either. Just set your budget straight and purchase the best item you can find within the price range that you are comfortable with. Reading some grease gun reviews will also help you in your decision making process.