How To Choose The Best Commercial Cleaners For Your Office

By | September 17, 2018

When you go around choosing best cleaning service for your business, it  could be a difficult task if you don’t research well. So when you have decided that you want a service that is best for your business how do you get down choosing the best company for your cleaning jobs. There are a whole lot of jobs that relate to cleaning in your office which could often get messy and hamper the productivity of your employees. Here are some tips to help you plan for hiring the best cleaning service.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Cleaners For Your Office

Do your research

Before you hire a cleaning company, you must do your part of research both online and offline. The internet is the best source to check for online reviews of a company. These reviews online are also a great way to compare the services of different other companies on a comparative scale.  

References are another great way of going about it. Call us past clients of that company and they will give you reliable feedback about how is the cleaning company. This way you could get a lot of insider information about the company and a detailed analysis of their quality of service.

Check price quotes

Once the research on your part is done, and you have zeroed in on a particular company it is time to ask for quotes and their prices. Call up the company and have a look at the tasks that are supposed to be undertaken. This will give you a concise idea of how much the cleaning job will cost you. Remember to ask for the total cost which is inclusive of taxes and ensure there are no hidden charges in the quotes.

Get their services analysed

When you are done with receiving the quote consult other companies and get their quotes as well. Make a comparative analysis of the pricing even if it involves getting multiple quotes from many different companies. In the end, after all, you have to make sure you get the best service at the best price.

Check for types of equipment

Check with the cleaning company whether they have the right type of equipment to take care of the job. Cleaning requires some special set of equipment that ensures all around cleaning. So it’s better to look for companies that have all the required equipment best suited to deal with the job. Also, the staff should be trained to work on that equipment with ease. Do consider the cleaning agents used as inferior quality could damage your office furniture and you might have to incur a heavy expenditure in the long run.

Lookout for their quality of staff

In companies where the employee retention rates are very high should be preferred over the ones who quickly fire the employees. Make sure the workers doing the job are skilled. The cleaning company should follow good hiring practices and does a background check on the staff before they hire. You have to be sure that there is no risk involved in hiring a particular cleaning service for your business.

Check if they are environment-friendly

It’s a great idea to look for companies that employ green technologies and are environment-friendly. It’s always good to ask and get information right away. It’s better if the company follows certain environmental norms.

Track record

Go through a list of clients of the company and check their feedback about the company. This is probably the best way to have a clear picture of the company and validate the authenticity of their services. A company that has a poor record is sure to deliver poor quality service, and you don’t want to spend your money unwisely right?

With the above tips in place, you are sure to make the right choice. Also, you could hire some experienced players in the field like Thomas cleaning services who have been established in the commercial cleaning industry.