Practical Utensils that will Make Your Kitchen Life Easier

By | March 29, 2017

Here are some utensil tips that will make your day to day much more practical when it comes to cooking. You can search great utensils according to your requirements at


  1. Potato crusher

Designed with the function of speeding up the crushing process of potatoes, the smasher is perfect for preparing puree. You just need to fit the potato into the base and turn the handle. Very practical!

  1. Easy Cover

Thinking about the day-to-day life of its consumers, there come super-practical accessory: the Easy Cover. With models of varying sizes that can be used to cover pots, bowls and even mugs, the object promises to conserve food better by avoiding leaks. This is possible due to the technology of its flexible material which, with the pressure of the hands, seals the container.

  1. Cheese grater

The Classic cheese grater is very practical and this is due to its simple handling, even used in restaurants. It can also be used for chocolate and dried fruits.

  1. Automatic bottle opener

If you ever suffer to open that pot of heart of palm, olive or tomato sauce, your troubles are over! The Kitchen Opener will make everything easier.

  1. Automatic wine opener

Now if another difficulty is opening the wine bottles with that traditional opener, then you still do not know the automatic corkscrew. It works with four batteries.

  1. Salad Spinner

Lightweight, practical and without taking up too much space, Salad Spinner is ideal for you who do not like to consume that wet salad or keep getting tired to dry the sheets in the sink. Not to mention that, with the dry leaves, you can go straight to the refrigerator that has no danger of burning the edge.

  1. Tomato Slicer

Do you use lots of tomatoes in your salad? Does it suffer to cut all the slices in the same size? The tomato slicer promises to make this task much easier!