Roof Sides – How to Have Sides on the Balcony without Losing its Charm

By | May 15, 2021

Summer has arrived, the sun is intense and without a shade is it impossible to enjoy the space? We show you some sides, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, so you can see the existing options and choose your own, according to your need and available investment. Furthermore, consult with the professional siding contractors Erie Pa. There are several models: they can be fixed or mobile, transparent, wooden or iron. They can be used both in summer, to protect us from the sun, and in winter, to shelter us from the rains.

Roof Sides - How to Have Sides on the Balcony without Losing its Charm

Articulated side

You may not know this option because you never noticed it, as being discreet and clean are some of its many qualities. With simple and extremely effective maintenance, it can make a beautiful side depending on the size of your balcony.

Vertical side

Perfect solution for those who have a slab or pergola on the balcony, but with the passing of the day the sun invades the sides and it is impossible to stay in place. This option also serves to protect the environment from wind, rain and possible invasive looks.

Candle side

Beautiful, modern and much more original option than the classic model, this type of side will be the focal point of the garden. It brings a more marine and summery look to the gardens.


Retractable Side is the option for those who want sun and shade. It can be installed on a pergola or just the fabric, but this option is definitely excellent. It has the most sophisticated option where it is electronic, with control for opening and closing.

Pergola Bamboo

A light and cozy option that blends perfectly with nature without losing its charm, this model is ideal for growing some climbing plant, complementing the coverage and increasing the shade and especially making the space cooler.