Say No to Garbage, No to Pest

By | June 15, 2021

Garbage and pests although are two different sources of menace in our day-to-day life but they are linked in every other way possible. Garbage heaps are by far the most favorable places for the pests to thrive. They multiply because garbage heaps have plenty of nutrients in the form of leftover food. It also includes other organic matters and they also have the best humid and warm atmosphere. It is favored by the pests for laying eggs. Sometimes, garbage heaps are formed by the deposition of garbage year after year. Therefore it harbors different types of deadly pests that are carriers of different diseases. But thanks, God! Professional pest control in Kolkata can solve the problem.

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The Current Condition

The alarming problem is that even after subsequent cleaning of garbage the population. If pests are not eliminated, they will spread to the adjacent localities or marketplaces in the hunt for fresh nutrient sources. In such a situation, the problem can only be curbed by a professional pest control service.

Types of Pests in Garbage Heaps

Garbage heaps have nearly all kinds of pests that are present in any area. The pests find gala time in the garbage heaps which have ample food and reproductive conditions. Some of the pests in garbage heaps are

  • Flies: Flies are pests that inhabit every other garbage grounds and spread deadly diseases from it.
  • Cockroach: Cockroaches are present in the garbage heaps and that is why most of the cockroach infestations occur in houses adjacent to or near the garbage heaps.
  • Rats: Rats are commonly present in the garbage heaps with plenty of papers or leather contents on which the rats feast.
  • Ants: Garbage heaps also have sugarcane leftovers and they are the favorite food of the ants due to their sugar content. We are so lucky that ants can be controlled so easily. You can be restricted, Anti Ant i.e. ants control in Kolkata by good pest control.

Effects of Pests from Garbage heaps in the life of human

The pests in the garbage heaps apart from being vectors of diseases also destroys the hygiene of any household or marketplace or any locality. The most potential problems caused by pests of garbage heaps are:

  • Compromission of overall hygiene and sanity.
  • Diseases caused by flies and mosquitoes from the garbage heaps.
  • The foul smell of different garbage components devoured by the pests also affects aesthetically.
  • The ants from the garbage heaps destroy furniture and food sources.
  • The rats also destroy food, paper and spread epidemics in the form of plague.


The pest problem from garbage heaps can be significantly decreased by cleaning the garbage dumping grounds. Properly cleaning the ground with ample water and disinfecting liquid is also helpful. If there is pest infestation into the house from the garbage heaps, it is best to call up a professional pest control service who can curb the problem efficiently.

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Sanity and hygiene are must have to resist any kind of pest infestation. So, the dumping of garbage in a public area should be stopped first hand. The locality should eliminate any unwanted garbage heaps immediately before any pest population harboring there. If the above methods turn futile, then pest control measures should be taken without delay to save your “home sweet home” from the pangs of dangerous pests.

Author Bio: Avijit Ghosh

Avijit Ghosh completed his M. Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta & higher studies of entomology from Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute (I.G.M.R.I.), Hapur, UP.

The author has more than twelve years of field experience since 2009. He worked as a certified entomologist in various reputed organizations.

Now he is a start-up entrepreneur of Mom’s Smile and Goodbye Pest, A unit of Aknamos Home Care Pvt. Ltd.