Techniques for Contaminated Soil Remediation

By | December 3, 2019

Remediation of contaminated soil consists of a number of techniques and methods used to remove toxins and pollutants from land.

Techniques and methods

There are several technologies for soil disposal soil recycling NJ of contaminated areas. The best ones are the most appropriate and this is defined through a broad study, which should be performed by an experienced soil Recycling company NY.

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Techniques for Contaminated Soil Remediation

The first step in contaminated soil remediation is the preliminary assessment, a survey of the area’s history of use, which allows to map possible risks. Soon after, the confirmatory investigation is done and chemical analyzes are performed.

A detailed investigation ends with a full report. To define the most appropriate technique, the Human Health Risk Assessment is carried out and the Soil and Groundwater Remediation Project is developed.

Know which techniques, methods of in-situ and ex-situ remediation systems are used for the remediation of degraded areas:

1 – Bioremediation

Method for soil and water decontamination uses microorganisms such as plants, bacteria and fungi to remove contaminants through their use in the metabolic process.

2 – Ozone injecting

It utilizes chemical oxidation by injecting ozone into soil and groundwater with an air mixer.

3 – Extraction of soil vapors

Also called Soil Vapor Extraction, this process makes toxic soil residues that pass through filters volatile and is finally returned to the atmosphere without risk of contamination.

4 – Multiphase Extraction

The soil remediation technique called Multiphase Extraction. It combines techniques of bio-ventilation and vacuum mass removal to eliminate pollutants.

5 – Dual-Phase Extraction (DPE)

The method consists of pumping liquid phases and extracting toxic vapors from the soil. Both undergo treatments.

6 – Ex-Situ Remediation System

The ex-situ contaminated soil remediation system is, unlike the previous ones, made outside the contamination site. This process includes excavation for soil removal, transportation and waste treatment.

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