Tips on Choosing a Photovoltaic System

By | July 26, 2019

The solar energy market has been growing a lot in recent years. With different companies and their technologies, choosing a photovoltaic system may not be a very easy task. That’s why we have prepared this post for you, with main tips to help you choose. Check out!

Tips on Choosing a Photovoltaic System

How to choose a photovoltaic system?

1 – System Cost

In order to assess the cost of your system, it is first important to know how much your home consumes energy. It is recommended to know your average daily consumption (if the system is off-grid) or monthly (if the system is grid-tie) to know how many modules you will need.

2 – Warranty

Most photovoltaic panels are guaranteed for 25 years at 80% of their power. But the main item that should be evaluated here is whether the guarantee is available. It is she who will have the role of complying with consumer laws should any system failures occur.

It is also interesting to see if the system can withstand various climate changes such as hailstorm.

3 – The manufacturer

It is important to get as much information about the manufacturer as possible, because after all, it will be in charge of installing your panel and performing maintenance when necessary.

Information such as market time, own staff, complaints from former clients and having an office in your area, are important to take into consideration.

4 – Efficiency of solar panels

Panel efficiency refers to the amount (measured as a percentage) of solar energy that reaches the panel surface and is transformed into electrical energy. That is, how many watts per m2 your panel generates.

It is also important to see if the temperature coefficient is low as this indicates that the panel will work well on hot days.

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