Types Of Staple Guns And Their Best Usage

By | June 18, 2018

Want to know the types of staple gun that you can use for upholstery and various other domestic and industrial project? Here we will let you know.

There are three types of staple guns that you can consider for upholstery and other household and industrial project purposes. Here we have explained each kind in brief so that you can opt the one for your need and comfortability. Have a look.

#1 Electric Staple Guns
If you frequently use staple guns for hours in a day, probably it will hurt your hands. Electrical staple guns are best options in such cases. These staple guns are powered either by batteries or by the electric power source. Unlike manual staple guns, you can inject staples to the material with light pressure on its trigger. However, electrical staple guns are quite expensive, and you will have to aim correctly to inject the staples.

Electric staple guns are ideal for large household projects including flooring and carpet installation and other projects where you use manual staple guns.


  • Easy to operate
  • Highly efficient for large-scale projects
  • Takes less time to shape the projects
  • Can be used as the multipurpose tool
  • Comes with a safety switch to prevent misfire and unwanted accidents.


  • it’s quite expensive
  • Extra precaution must be taken with every use
  • Must be kept away from children’s reach

Manual Staple Gun
A manual staple gun is the most common staple gun type which is used widely for various purposes. These staple guns work on manual input without any electric or battery powered sources. However, your arms will sour fast as it requires strength to place the lever in and thus your arms will sour every time you will use this staple gun.

Manual staple guns are best for small upholstery projects including old chair repairing, replacing top covers and foam. Also, these staples guns are ideal for small DIY projects, art and craft, insulation installation on the roof, windows and doors screen replacement, etc.


  • Available in various style and design
  • It’s easy to load the gun with staples
  • No additional power source is required


  • User’s hand will sour fast
  • Risk of staple jamming is really high with manual staple guns

#3 Pneumatic Staple Guns
Pneumatic staple guns are best for heavy-duty and industrial projects. If you’re looking for the best staple gun to deal with tacking, hasten stapling, and nailing jobs, pneumatic staple guns can be the right tool for you. However, these staples guns are more expensive than other two types of staple guns and create loud noise while in action. Pneumatic Staple Gun can help you to perform every task that you use to perform using electric and manual staple guns. These staple guns are ideal for construction and manufacturing industries and thus avoid using them for small domestic projects. However, you can use them for domestic purposes if you’re working on some big projects.


  • Its most potent heavy duty staple gun
  • Support multiple fastener types
  • Best for industrial usage and massive projects


  • It’s more expensive than other two types of staple guns mentioned above
  • Create loud noise when in action
  • Not for minor household projects
  • Precaution is mandatory and must be taken

So these are the three types of staple guns that are used worldwide for various minor and major projects in households and industries. Hope this content has explored everything about the staple guns and you will be able to opt the best for your purposes.