What Information Do I Need to Request a Quote for New Jersey Asphalt Milling Services?

By | September 15, 2019

Public works and medium and large projects involving infrastructure services have defined asphalt milling projects. A good pavement design, in addition to the thickness of the layers to be constructed, must contain the types of materials to be employed in each layer, properly specified. The pavement design, as well as a structure design, is based on the efforts (or loads) that the pavement must withstand, taking into account geotechnical studies performed on the ground that will receive the pavement. Simply put, a pavement should be calculated taking into account the flow of vehicles that will use it and the characteristics of the terrain.

New Jersey Asphalt Milling Services

However, many smaller services do not support such a project. In these cases, it is essential that a skilled professional define the layers to be constructed and the materials employed. Importantly, without the basic information for an executive project, estimates tend to be increased, based on less accurate calculations and past experience of this professional. 

One suggestion that will certainly reduce your cost is that professional New Jersey asphalt milling services should perform soil characterization and support testing, which will give you an idea of the type of material your floor will receive. This trial will certainly not impact the final price of the service, as it is simple and facilitates a more accurate analysis of what will be performed.

Taking into consideration scenarios, the information needed for budgeting is:

  • Precise definition of what services (scope) should be budgeted (and designed);
  • Information about any services that may be under your responsibility, e.g. food, surveillance, any specific equipment, etc.
  • Schedule of release dates for areas to be paved, if you cannot release the entire area at one time;
  • Schedules for the execution of services, whether they should be performed at night or day, during the week, etc;