What Material Should You Choose for Your New Garage Door?

By | July 9, 2020

Garage Doors are made with different materials, with the most common being steel, wood, vinyl and fiberglass. If you’re having trouble deciding what material you should choose, you’re at the right place. We have put together some of the most popular materials that are widely being used by homeowners all over the world. So read on to learn more.

What Material Should You Choose for Your New Garage Door?

Stainless Steel

Steel is an iron’s alloy with a minor carbon percentage. It offers improved fracture resistance and strength in comparison to iron. Due to being affordable and durable, steel has become a popular choice for garage doors. With a paint job, you can achieve almost any texture in your mind. One thing you should consider when opting for a garage door made of steel is its gauge number. The higher the gauge number the thinner the steel.

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Fiberlgass is an ideal choice for people who want to achieve a wood texture without breaking their wallet. It offers resistance to moisture and insects, and less prone to warping compared to wood.


Vinyl is a lightweight yet durable material, requiring less maintenance. It is resistant to dents and rust, meaning you won’t have to take care of it to keep it in the best form for years to come.

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