Why Doesn’t The Automatic Garage Door Open And Close Properly In Winter?

By | March 11, 2020

Is your automatic garage door doesn’t open and closes properly in winter and you’re trying to fix it? Several issues could be causing it to stop working in cold.

It is possible to fix some issues yourself, but there are some troubles that should be handled by professionals. For this purpose, you should hire Garage Door Repair service from time to time.

Garage Door Repair Waterloo, Woodbridge

Grease and dirt build-up

The grease and dirt can become hard in the cold climate, so you should use grease solvent and silicone-based lubricant to maintain your door. You can use a small brush to lubricate the moving parts, but don’t drop it onto the floor.

Misaligned tracks

With the passage of time, the door rollers can be misaligned in the tracks. If you are facing this issue, then hire garage door service Waterloo immediately.

Broken springs

The springs are very important because they balance the weight of the door. If the springs are damaged or broken, hire trained technicians for garage spring replacement.

Garage door troubleshooting and garage door maintenance that you can do yourself

  • If the opener of the door is in the down position, detach the opener and manually lift the door and find out the spots where it sticks. If there are grease and dirt build-up, clean them by using a dry cloth.
  • Now, test the springs to see if they are damaged or broken. If it is difficult to raise the door, it is possible that the springs are broken. It is highly recommended to hire Garage Door Spring Replacement Woodbridge service.
  • If the door lifts easily manually, then there is some problem with the openers.
  • Make sure to lubricate all the moving parts including tracks, rollers, springs, and locks.
  • If you can’t perform all these tasks yourself, hire a garage door company.

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