Wired and Wireless Security Camera system

By | December 9, 2019

Security cameras are getting popular. These cameras provide great security. So, People love these cameras.

But, buyers face one confusion. The confusion is between wired and wireless security camera systems.

Each of these cameras has its bright sides and dark sides. Hence, you should know more about these cameras. The pros and cons of wired and wireless security cameras are discussed below.

Wireless Security Camera System

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Pros and Cons of the Wired and Wireless Security Camera System

Wired Security Camera System

Pros –

No Signal Loss

Wired security cameras seldom lose their connections. Wireless cameras depend on wi-fi signals. As a result, rough weather conditions can weaken the wi-fi signal.

But, wired security cameras don’t easily lose their connections. Hence, you can get perfect video recording all the time.

Good For Long Camera Connections

You may have a big house. In that case, you may need many cameras around your house.

A wired camera system is easy to connect. These cameras are good for long connections. So, it wouldn’t be difficult to connect these cameras to a power source.

Multiple Features

Wired cameras have so many features. These cameras are also reliable. It can provide a great quality picture. Moreover, it has a good alarm system.

Hence, commercial places choose wired camera system.

Cons –

Hard To Move

Wired security cameras have bolts on them. Hence, it’s really difficult to move them. Even, uninstalling these cameras take a long time.

You just can’t move them anywhere. They have a fixed position. So, it’s difficult to move them quickly.

No Remote Control

Wired cameras don’t have a remote control facility. So, you can’t control them from outside your house.

You can control these cameras only from a fixed place.

Easy To Disconnect

A burglar can disconnect the wired camera system easily. So, it’s easy to damage an entire wired camera system.

Wireless Security Camera System

Pros –

Easy Installation

A wireless camera system is easy to install. At first you can mount the cameras. Then, you can connect them to your wi-fi. That’s it, your wireless camera system will be installed.

Remote access

‘Cloud Control’ technology is great. This technology will allow you to control wireless security cameras. It’s a beneficial feature of these cameras.

Every wireless camera system has an app. This app can be connected to your mobile. As a result, your mobile will show you every corner of your house.

Wireless Security Camera System

Easy To Modify and Easy To Upgrade

Wireless security systems are easily upgradable. You can upgrade these cameras yourself. Even, you don’t need any experience.

Apart from that, you can modify these cameras within a short time. Hence, these cameras are getting popular.

Cons –

Vulnerable to Hacking

Wireless security cameras depend on wi-fi systems. Hence, there is always a risk of hacking.

Even, an amateur techie can hack your system. So, wireless cameras may not provide flawless security.

No Consistent Connection

Wi-fi internet connection is not stable. Often these security cameras lose the internet connection. As a result, you may not have an accurate video footage. Thus, you may be in confusion.

Battery Problem

Some wireless security cameras run on battery. In that case, you may have to recharge the batteries. Sometimes you may have to replace the batteries.

This can be annoying. Because if you forget, your home’s security can be at risk.

Wired and wireless security cameras have beneficial aspects. But, they also have some drawbacks.

Now, you decide to choose between them. Though there is another option for you. The option is – wire-free security cameras.

Wire-free security cameras are hassle-free. So, it would be easy for you to operate them.

But before buying a security camera, you should know certain facts. You should know the features of the camera. Moreover, you should make a budget. Then, you should choose your camera system. More Details at Get Lockers