Wooden Sliding Door: Tips and Inspirations!

By | January 31, 2019

The wooden sliding door can be a beautiful solution for integrating or separating environments, especially in small spaces. Wood is the most popular material for sliding doors, probably because it gives the feeling of coziness.

The European doors with sliding feature can be a beautiful solution for that room where you want to optimize space, such as the living room or bedroom. The wood takes care of the coziness and the type of door competes so that the space is well used.


The sliding door, be it wood or other material, is a door that opens with a sliding movement and takes up very little space, working well in small environments.

But larger spaces also take advantage of a sliding door, such as when the entrance is in the middle of the wall. In this case, a common door would disrupt the circulation and take up a lot of space when moved. Another situation where a sliding door is welcome is when there are small hallways and many doors.

In an integrated space, a sliding door allows both communication between environments, or you can separate them discreetly. And there are still cases where the sliding door functions as a moving wall, changing the configuration of the house according to the needs of the resident.

Wood and MDF are the materials of choice for making a sliding door. They adapt to almost all environments, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, but are not recommended for the outdoor area because moisture can ruin these materials. In the outdoor area, the aluminum sliding door is better suited since the material is wind, heat and humidity resistant. Another material widely used in most rooms is glass, which may be transparent or opaque. There are more efficient alternatives for the latter material today.